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[ men-shuhn ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to refer briefly to; name, specify, or speak of:

    Don't forget to mention her contribution to the project.

    Synonyms: indicate

  2. to cite formally for a meritorious act or achievement:

    He was mentioned in dispatches from the war zone.


  1. a direct or incidental reference; a mentioning:

    to make mention of a place.

    Synonyms: notice, allusion

  2. formal recognition for a meritorious act or achievement:

    Her entry in the science competition received a special mention.


/ ˈmɛnʃən /


  1. to refer to or speak about briefly or incidentally
  2. to acknowledge or honour
  3. not to mention something
    to say nothing of something too obvious to mention


  1. a recognition or acknowledgment
  2. a slight reference or allusion

    he only got a mention in the article

    the author makes no mention of that

  3. the act of mentioning
  4. philosophy logic linguistics the occurrence (of an expression) in such a context that it is itself referred to rather than performing its own linguistic function. In " Fido " names Fido, the word Fido is first mentioned and then used to refer to the dog Compare use See also formal mode
  5. a preliminary hearing in a court of law

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Derived Forms

  • ˈmentionable, adjective
  • ˈmentioner, noun

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Other Words From

  • mention·a·ble adjective
  • mention·er noun
  • inter·mention verb
  • pre·mention noun verb (used with object)
  • re·mention verb (used with object)
  • under·mentioned adjective
  • un·mentioned adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mention1

First recorded in 1250–1300; from Latin mentiōn-, stem of mentiō, literally, “a calling to mind, a touching upon” ( mental 1, -ion ); replacing Middle English mencioun, from Anglo-French, from Latin, as above

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mention1

C14: via Old French from Latin mentiō a calling to mind, naming, from mēns mind

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. not to mention, in addition to; without mentioning:

    We were served a sumptuous entree, not to mention the other courses.

More idioms and phrases containing mention

see not to mention ; you're welcome (don't mention it) .

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Example Sentences

LGBTQ people earned not a single mention during Republicans’ pageant in red, through four nights of televised speeches last month.

The rough transcript makes no mention of Perry’s gas agenda, but in the wake of the presidential shakedown, Perry pressed ahead.

The big winner is private equity, which for the first time received explicit and positive mention as a viable "divestiture buyer" of assets that merging companies may be required to sell.

From Axios

Sims makes no direct mention in his op-ed of GOP representative Murt and Murt’s plan to introduce an LGBTQ rights bill.

Having a page on these platforms and receiving mentions from authoritative sites or publications can help “teach” Google about your brand and push you towards the critical mass necessary to trigger a Knowledge Panel.

Geisbert was also quick to mention how the methodology of the study could be affecting the current results.

They mention that a former cia agent and someone who used to work for Hilary [sic] Clinton looked at the script.

Not to mention the revenue that will be generated by this, which then can be used to fund education and health care.

He did not mention rectal feeding, but perhaps he was not fully briefed.

These detainments were often justified by laws that do not mention pregnancy specifically.

And although we gabbled freely enough, MacRae avoided all mention of the persons of whom I most wished to hear.

At the mention of the Merrill Horse, Poindexter's countenance took on a demoniac expression.

At Buffalo, where this fountain was exhibited, it received honorable mention.

He was aware—by her silence chiefly—of the new distance between them, a distance the mention of Tony had emphasised.

The vicar's wife, still slightly discomposed, launched out into some parochial matter she had wished to mention to him.


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