/ (ˈmɜːsɪfʊlɪ) /

  1. in a way that shows mercy; compassionately: mercifully put down

  2. (sentence modifier) fortunately; one is relieved to say that: mercifully, all went well

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How to use mercifully in a sentence

  • The porter of the firm mercifully interposed to rescue Mr Brammel from his dilemma.

  • In the foreground was a large house of two stories and no architecture whatever, although the roof was mercifully flat.

    Ancestors | Gertrude Atherton
  • Surely life was a horrible dream, and God would mercifully awaken her from it.

    Ruth | Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  • I continued grasping the handle, and mercifully, as the door was plucked from my hand with an irresistible force, I awoke.

    A Thin Ghost and Others | M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James
  • Dale went down on his knees, a small blue hole showing where the bullet mercifully had struck his heart.

    A Virginia Scout | Hugh Pendexter