[ mur-guhn-thaw-ler; German mer-guhn-tah-luhr ]

  1. Ott·mar [ot-mahr; German awt-mahr], /ˈɒt mɑr; German ˈɔt mɑr/, 1854–99, U.S. inventor of the Linotype, born in Germany.

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How to use Mergenthaler in a sentence

  • Ottmar Mergenthaler worked twenty years on the development of his linotype machine, and ten years thereafter in perfecting it.

  • The Mergenthaler Linotype Company has paid out twenty millions of dollars in dividends in fourteen years.

  • The Mergenthaler Linotype machine appeared in crude form about 1886.

    A Book of Exposition | Homer Heath Nugent
  • Mr. Ottman Mergenthaler of Baltimore has been working on one for ten years and it is almost ready for us.

  • In the following year, Stephens invented his electric plough, and Mergenthaler made an improvement on his linotype machine.

    Invention | Bradley A. Fiske