[ mer-ik ]


  1. David David Margulies, 1912–2000, U.S. theatrical producer.
  2. a town on SW Long Island, in SE New York.

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Example Sentences

However, the current thinking is that Merrick may have suffered from Proteus syndrome.

On April 11, 1890, Joseph Carey Merrick was found dead in his bed at the age of 27.

After police closed the exhibit in which Merrick was put on public display, his circumstances grew progressively more dire.

We used to go up on the train tracks, start the trains up, and drive them on the tracks going toward Merrick.

"I'd like to catch that Merrick and that Pike, and punch their heads for them," commented Tom.

But weeks went by and nothing was seen or heard of Merrick and Pike, and what had become of the missing bonds remained a mystery.

A number of chimneys were not far off, and he wondered if Merrick was concealed behind them.

As he reached the second landing of the escape he saw Merrick turn the corner of the alleyway and disappear on the street beyond.

On the fire escape he saw Merrick, descending to the bottom with all possible rapidity.





Merriammerrier, merry