[ mer-uhl ]


  1. James (Ingram), 1926–95, U.S. poet.
  2. a male or female given name.

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Example Sentences

To his surprise, he got another email from Merrill alleging he had been flagged for cheating once again during the course’s third exam.

In preparation for the class’s first exam, Merrill gave students explicit instructions on how to use the new monitoring software.

Merrill said he didn’t properly show the front and back of his notes, on which students were permitted to write anything they wanted to help with the exam.

Merrill finally gave him his grade back, almost two months after he’d received an F in the class.

“At the beginning of the exam, you leave the area for about one minute without explanation,” Merrill wrote in an email to Molina.

Clinton's spokesman Nick Merrill responded Thursday with one word to an emailed query: "Rumors."

She sued Merrill Lynch—while working for Merrill Lynch—and won.

It acquired Merrill Lynch in 2008 as part of the empire-building efforts of former CEO Kenneth Lewis.

Former Rep. Merrill Cook lost a 2000 campaign after aides called him delusional.

Eventually everyone from Caroline Kennedy to Dina Merrill and Happy Rockefeller became fans of the brand.

At the mention of the Merrill Horse, Poindexter's countenance took on a demoniac expression.

But you are mistaken in thinking the force west consists of the entire Merrill Horse.

A true history of the Merrill Horse, and the adventures of its different members, would read like the most exciting fiction.

Merrill dropped the meat he was dragging over the floor, and turned to confront Alessandro's eyes.

Fortunately there was a battalion of the Merrill Horse at Monticello, and he could muster five hundred men for the pursuit.





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