[ mes-eng-kahym, mez- ]
/ ˈmɛs ɛŋ kaɪm, ˈmɛz- /
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noun Embryology.

cells of mesodermal origin that are capable of developing into connective tissues, blood, and lymphatic and blood vessels.



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Origin of mesenchyme

1885–90; variant of mesenchyma<New Latin <Greek mesénchyma, equivalent to mes-mes- + énchyma infusion
mes·en·chy·mal [mes-eng-kuh-muhl, mez-], /mɛsˈɛŋ kə məl, ˌmɛz-/, mes·en·chym·a·tous [mes-eng-kahy-muh-tuhs, mez-], /ˌmɛs ɛŋˈkaɪ mə təs, ˌmɛz-/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for mesenchyme

/ (ˈmɛsɛŋˌkaɪm) /


embryol the part of the mesoderm that develops into connective tissue, cartilage, lymph, blood, etc
mesenchymal (mɛsˈɛŋkɪməl) or mesenchymatous (ˌmɛsɛŋˈkɪmətəs), adjective
C19: New Latin, from meso- + -enchyma
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Medical definitions for mesenchyme

[ mĕzən-kīm′ ]


The part of the embryonic mesoderm that consists of loosely packed, unspecialized cells that are set in a gelatinous ground substance, from which connective tissue, bone, cartilage, and the circulatory and lymphatic systems develop.
mes•enchy•mal (mĕz-ĕngkə-məl, mĕz′ən-kīməl) adj.
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