[ mez-oh-uh-pen-diks, mes-, mee-zoh-, -soh- ]
/ ˌmɛz oʊ əˈpɛn dɪks, ˌmɛs-, ˌmi zoʊ-, -soʊ- /

noun, plural mes·o·ap·pen·dix·es, mes·o·ap·pen·di·ces [mez-oh-uh-pen-di-seez, mes-, mee-zoh-, -soh-] /ˌmɛz oʊ əˈpɛn dɪˌsiz, ˌmɛs-, ˌmi zoʊ-, -soʊ-/. Anatomy.

the mesentery of the vermiform appendix.


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Origin of mesoappendix

First recorded in 1895–1900; meso- + appendix

OTHER WORDS FROM mesoappendix

mes·o·ap·pen·di·ceal [mez-oh-ap-uh n-dish-uh l, -uh-pen-di-see-uh l, mes-, mee-zoh-, -soh-] /ˌmɛz oʊˌæp ənˈdɪʃ əl, -əˌpɛn dɪˈsi əl, ˈmɛs-, ˌmi zoʊ-, -soʊ-/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

Medical definitions for mesoappendix

[ mĕz′ō-ə-pĕndĭks ]


The short mesentery of the appendix lying behind the terminal ileum.
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