[ mez-uh-gas-tree-uh m, mes-, mee-zuh-, -suh- ]
/ ˌmɛz əˈgæs tri əm, ˌmɛs-, ˌmi zə-, -sə- /

noun, plural mes·o·gas·tri·a [mez-uh-gas-tree-uh, mes-, mee-zuh-, -suh-] /ˌmɛz əˈgæs tri ə, ˌmɛs-, ˌmi zə-, -sə-/. Anatomy.

the mesentery of the embryonic stomach.

Origin of mesogastrium

1850–55; < New Latin, equivalent to meso- meso- + Greek gastr-, stem of gastḗr belly + New Latin -ium -ium

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mes·o·gas·tric, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for mesogastrium

/ (ˌmɛsəʊˈɡæstrɪəm) /


the mesentery supporting the embryonic stomach

Derived forms of mesogastrium

mesogastric, adjective
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Medicine definitions for mesogastrium

[ mĕz′ə-găstrē-əm ]

n. pl. mes•o•gas•tri•a (-trē-ə)

The portion of the embryonic mesentery that is attached to the early stomach.mesogaster

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mes′o•gastric (-trĭk) adj.
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