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[ mes-uhp ]


  1. a blunder; state of confusion; mix-up.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mess-up1

First recorded in 1900–05; noun use of verb phrase mess up

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Example Sentences

It frustrated me that men could mess up a design project and still have a job.

Many more folks are inclined to chalk this mess up to a congressional hissy fit than a presidential one.

Among the litany of things the shutdown will mess up, you can add our nascent housing recovery.

I do feel under some pressure,” she answered, “not to mess up.

They know that if they mess up, I will enter with full force.

Sometimes Im afeard shes goin to mess up what chances of happiness shes got.

How I'd love to be given a war assignment without having to worry about you being along to probably mess up the whole business!

Mess up this show tonight, and I'll definitely leave you behind in all doings in the future.

Nice old mess-up it might have been, but for me, reflected Stuart complacently.

There was no longer any doubt that Alma Dakin was in this mess up to her bangs.