[ mes-ij ]
/ ˈmɛs ɪdʒ /


verb (used without object)

to send a message, especially an electronic message.

verb (used with object)

to send (a person) a message.
to send as a message.

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    get the message, Informal. to understand or comprehend, especially to infer the correct meaning from circumstances, hints, etc.: If we don't invite him to the party, maybe he'll get the message.

Origin of message

1250–1300; Middle English < Old French < Vulgar Latin *missāticum, equivalent to Latin miss(us) sent (past participle of mittere to send) + -āticum -age

Related formsin·ter·mes·sage, noun, adjective

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/ (ˈmɛsɪdʒ) /



(tr) to send as a message, esp to signal (a plan, etc)

Word Origin for message

C13: from Old French, from Vulgar Latin missāticum (unattested) something sent, from Latin missus, past participle of mittere to send

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see get the message.

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