[ mes-ee-ey; French me-syey ]

  1. Charles [sharl], /ʃarl/, 1730–1817, French astronomer.

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How to use Messier in a sentence

  • Number 22 rue Messier was a wretched one-storeyed house that belonged to a country vine-dresser who seldom came to Paris.

    Fantmas | Pierre Souvestre
  • The number our cluster bears on the map is 4424, corresponding with M 22 in Messier's catalogue.

    Pleasures of the telescope | Garrett Serviss
  • About mid-day the eminent French astronomer, Messier, saw a great number of black points crossing the sun.

    Meteoric astronomy: | Daniel Kirkwood
  • One of the most remarkable of these objects is 13 Messier, which Proctor thinks is about equal to a first magnitude star.

  • He put the instrument down and zeroed it on Messier 44, the Beehive star cluster in the constellation Cancer.

    Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet | Harold Leland Goodwin