[me-stee-zoh, mi-]

noun, plural mes·ti·zos, mes·ti·zoes.

a person of mixed racial or ethnic ancestry, especially, in Latin America, of mixed American Indian and European descent or, in the Philippines, of mixed native and foreign descent.

Origin of mestizo

1580–90; < Spanish, noun use of adj. mestizo < Vulgar Latin *mixtīcius mixed Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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cur, half-breed, hybrid, mongrel, crossbreed, half-caste, mestizo

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Historical Examples of mestizo

  • He stopped not far from the boat of the mestizo, and listened.

  • The mestizo had been to the fiesta as well as his master, and his keen eyes had been busy on that day.

    The White Chief

    Mayne Reid

  • This, the rude skin sheiling which shelters the mestizo and mulatto.

    The Death Shot

    Mayne Reid

  • The man himself is either of Spanish blood or a “mestizo” (half-breed).

    The Rifle Rangers

    Captain Mayne Reid

  • Same when a mestizo buzzes close; you can have his topknot as much as you like.

British Dictionary definitions for mestizo


noun plural -zos or -zoes

a person of mixed parentage, esp the offspring of a Spanish American and an American Indian
Derived Formsmestiza (mɛˈstiːzə), fem n

Word Origin for mestizo

C16: from Spanish, ultimately from Latin miscēre to mix
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Word Origin and History for mestizo

1580s, from Spanish mestizo "of mixed European and Amerindian parentage," from Late Latin mixticius "mixed, mongrel," from Latin mixtus "mixed," past participle of miscere "to mix, mingle" (see mix (v.)). Fem. form mestiza is attested from 1580s.

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