[ met-uh-plaz-uhm ]

  1. Cell Biology. the nonliving matter or inclusions, as starch or pigments, within a cell.

  2. Grammar.

    • a change in the structure of a word or sentence made by adding, removing, or transposing the sounds or words of which it is composed or the letters that represent them.

    • the formation of oblique cases from a stem other than that of the nominative.

Origin of metaplasm

1375–1425; late Middle English metaplasmus “grammatical change, irregularity” <Latin <Greek metaplasmós “reforming, remodeling,” derivative of metaplássein “to mold differently, remodel.” See meta-, -plasm

Other words from metaplasm

  • met·a·plas·mic, adjective

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How to use metaplasm in a sentence

  • Each metaplasm in the body favors the inactive break-up of protoplasm, and so also the formation of new metaplasms.

    The Wonders of Life | Ernst Haeckel

British Dictionary definitions for metaplasm


/ (ˈmɛtəˌplæzəm) /

  1. the nonliving constituents, such as starch and pigment granules, of the cytoplasm of a cell

Derived forms of metaplasm

  • metaplasmic, adjective

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