[ muh-tas-tuh-sahyz ]
/ məˈtæs təˌsaɪz /

verb (used without object), me·tas·ta·sized, me·tas·ta·siz·ing.

Pathology. (of malignant cells or disease-producing organisms) to spread to other parts of the body by way of the blood or lymphatic vessels or membranous surfaces.
to spread injuriously: Street gangs have metastasized in our city.
to transform, especially into a dangerous form: The KGB metastasized after the fall of the Soviet Union. Truth metastasized into lurid fantasy.

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Also especially British, me·tas·ta·sise.

Origin of metastasize

First recorded in 1905–10; metastas(is) + -ize Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for metastasised



/ (mɪˈtæstəˌsaɪz) /

verb (intr)

pathol (esp of cancer cells) to spread to a new site in the body via blood or lymph vessels
(of a problem) to deteriorate or spread into new areas
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Word Origin and History for metastasised


1826, from metastasis + -ize. Related: Metastasized; metastasizing.

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Medicine definitions for metastasised


[ mə-tăstə-sīz′ ]


To be transmitted or transferred by or as if by metastasis.

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