[ mee-tee-uh-rahyt ]
/ ˈmi ti əˌraɪt /


a mass of stone or metal that has reached the earth from outer space; a fallen meteoroid.
a meteoroid.


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Origin of meteorite

First recorded in 1815–25; meteor + -ite1

Related formsme·te·or·it·ic [mee-tee-uh-rit-ik] /ˌmi ti əˈrɪt ɪk/, me·te·or·it·i·cal, me·te·or·it·al [mee-tee-uh-rahyt-l] /ˌmi ti əˈraɪt l/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for meteorite


/ (ˈmiːtɪəˌraɪt) /


a rocklike object consisting of the remains of a meteoroid that has fallen on earth. It may be stony (chondrite), iron, or stony iron (pallasite)See chondrite
Derived Formsmeteoritic (ˌmiːtɪəˈrɪtɪk), adjective

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Science definitions for meteorite


[ mētē-ə-rīt′ ]

A meteor that reaches the Earth's surface because it has not been burned up by friction with the atmosphere. Meteorites are believed to be fragments of comets and asteroids.♦ Meteorites that consist mostly of silicates are called stony meteorites and are classified as either chondrites or achondrites. ♦ Meteorites that consist mostly of iron are called iron meteorites. ♦ Meteorites that consist of a mixture of silicates and iron are called stony-iron meteorites.
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