[ mee-tee-awr-uh-graf, -grahf, -or-, mee-tee-er-uh- ]
/ ˌmi tiˈɔr əˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf, -ˈɒr-, ˈmi ti ər ə- /


an instrument for automatically recording various meteorological conditions, as barometric pressure and temperature, at the same time.

Origin of meteorograph

First recorded in 1770–80; meteoro(logy) + -graph

OTHER WORDS FROM meteorograph

me·te·or·o·graph·ic [mee-tee-awr-uh-graf-ik, -or-, mee-tee-er-uh-] /ˌmi tiˌɔr əˈgræf ɪk, -ˌɒr-, ˌmi ti ər ə-/, adjectiveme·te·o·rog·ra·phy [mee-tee-uh-rog-ruh-fee] /ˌmi ti əˈrɒg rə fi/, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for meteorograph

/ (ˈmiːtɪərəˌɡrɑːf, -ˌɡræf) /


obsolete an instrument that records various meteorological conditions

Derived forms of meteorograph

meteorographic or meteorographical, adjective
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Scientific definitions for meteorograph

[ mē′tē-ôrə-grăf′ ]

An instrument that records simultaneously several meteorological conditions, such as temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall, humidity, and wind direction.
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