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[ mee-tee-er-uh-loj-i-kuhl ]


  1. pertaining to meteorology or to phenomena of the atmosphere or weather.

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Other Words From

  • mete·or·o·logi·cal·y adverb
  • nonme·te·or·o·logic adjective
  • nonme·te·or·o·logi·cal adjective
  • nonme·te·or·o·logi·cal·ly adverb
  • unme·te·or·o·logic adjective
  • unme·te·or·o·logi·cal adjective
  • unme·te·or·o·logi·cal·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of meteorological1

1560–70; < Greek meteōrologik ( ós ) pertaining to celestial phenomena ( meteorology, -ic ) + -al 1
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Example Sentences

Peeks of sunshine could brighten our Valentine’s Day, but let’s not count all our meteorological chickens before they’re hatched.

In another display of meteorological consistency, seven other January days also had lows of 33 or 34.

However, I decree that “fall” may encompass “meteorological fall.”

It’s the first day of meteorological winter, and it feels like it.

Thursday took us past a meteorological milepost, when the morning temperature in Washington touched the freezing mark for the first time this season.

These days they are occasional meteorological irruptions, white river mists, not dense and toxic industrial pea-soupers.

As Sandy approached landfall six months ago, news media struggled to decide what to call the meteorological phenomenon.

Simpler terminology would be helpful, especially for people more concerned about immediate flooding than meteorological nuances.

He did some research among the records of unusual meteorological events in the vast Vatican library.

The thought was this: could it possibly be that 10/29 proves to be in any sense the meteorological equivalent of 9/11?

It is as positive a fact as a meteorological, astronomical, philosophical, or chemical observation.

Trinity House sent them the usual blanks and instruments for recording meteorological observations.

An event meteorological may occur in the experience of one observer, and never repeat itself.

The meteorological instruments, carefully nursed and housed though they were, were bound to suffer in such a climate.

By the observer, who wrote down his exact observations in the meteorological log, this was called a "quiet night."


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