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[ meth-uh-dl-oj-i-kuhl ]


  1. of, relating to, or following the system of methods, principles, and rules that regulate a given discipline:

    This chapter provides practical advice, case studies, and methodological instruction.

    In his Principia, Sir Isaac Newton laid the methodological foundation of modern scientific theory and practice.

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  • meth·od·o·log·i·cal·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Crowd marketing is a methodology of promoting brands through direct contact with their target audience on forums and forum-like platforms.

It was really a new governance for open innovation, with new management methodologies that impacted not only the person, or the employees, but also our own platform on solutions.

So yeah, despite the added kink of a change in headgear, your best bet here is the nodding-smiling methodology.

From Ozy

Going forward, we should receive any individual piece of data or survey with healthy skepticism and a clear understanding of the underlying methodology.

His advisers warned privately and publicly that traditional polling methodologies were not correctly reading the president’s support by failing to capture their expected turnout.

Before we get to conservatives, permit me this brief methodological digression.

He also wrote an important methodological piece called “First Steps in the History of Reading.”

But this, quite obviously, is merely a methodological precept, not a law of Nature.

The dominating trend of this movement was logical rather than methodological.

Progress, then, is not a "natural" fact, but a methodological one.

There is perhaps no science whose position in the system of knowledge offers so many methodological difficulties as psychology.

A big part of the difference is methodological, rather than inherent in the nature of the phenomena themselves.