[meth-uh-luh-meen, -uh l-am-in]

noun Chemistry.

any of three derivatives of ammonia in which one or all of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by methyl groups, especially a gas, CH5N, with an ammonialike odor, the simplest alkyl derivative of ammonia and, like the latter, forming a series of salts.

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Origin of methylamine

First recorded in 1840–50; methyl- + amine

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British Dictionary definitions for methylamine



a colourless flammable water-soluble gas, used in the manufacture of herbicides, dyes, and drugs. Formula: CH 3 NH 2
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Science definitions for methylamine


[mĕth′ə-lə-mēn, -lămēn, mə-thĭlə-mēn′]

A toxic, flammable gas produced naturally by the decomposition of organic matter and also made synthetically. It is used as a solvent and in the manufacture of many products, such as dyes and insecticides. Chemical formula: CH5N.
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