[ mee-tis ]

nounClassical Mythology.
  1. a Titaness, the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and the mother of Athena by Zeus. Zeus swallowed Metis, and Athena was born from his head.

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[ Canadian mey-tee; mey-tee, -tees ]

noun,plural Mé·tis [Canadian mey-tee, mey-teez; mey-tee, -teez]. /Canadian ˈmeɪ ti, ˈmeɪ tiz; meɪˈti, -ˈtiz/.
  1. Canadian. a person of mixed First Nations and European ancestry: a member of the Métis Nation , recognized constitutionally as one of Canada’s rights-bearing Indigenous peoples.

  2. métis, any person of mixed racial ancestry.

  1. Canadian. belonging or relating to the Métis: Métis communities developed along the fur trade routes.

  2. métis, being of mixed racial ancestry.

Origin of Métis

First recorded in 1810–20; from French, Middle French, from Late Latin mixtīcius “of mixed blood”
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/ (mɛˈtiːs) /

nounplural -tis (-ˈtiːs, -ˈtiːz)
  1. a person of mixed parentage

  2. Canadian

    • the offspring or a descendant of a French Canadian and a North American Indian

    • a member or descendant of a group of such people, who established themselves in Manitoba and Saskatchewan as a distinct political and cultural force during the nineteenth century

  1. US a person having one eighth Black ancestry; octoroon

Origin of Métis

C19: from French, from Vulgar Latin mixtīcius (unattested) of mixed race; compare mestizo

Derived forms of Métis

  • Mtisse (mɛˈtiːs), fem n

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