[ met-uhr-nikh; English met-er-nik ]

  1. Prince Kle·mens Wen·zel Ne·po·muk Lo·thar von [prins-kley-mens ven-tsuhl ney-paw-mook loh-tahr fuhn, loh-tahr], /ˈprɪns ˈkleɪ mɛns ˈvɛn tsəl ˈneɪ pɔ mʊk ˈloʊ tɑr fən, loʊˈtɑr/, 1773–1859, Austrian statesman and diplomat.

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  • Met·ter·nich·i·an, adjective

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How to use Metternich in a sentence

  • And if Kerry pulls all this off, he's the Metternich of our times.

    Why Would Assad Negotiate? | Michael Tomasky | September 13, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • In his published Memoirs, the great Metternich observes that if he had never been born he never could have loved or hated.

    East Anglia | J. Ewing Ritchie
  • The tenor (p. 170) of his private conversation with Metternich and others was that he would rest content with what he had.

    The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte | William Milligan Sloane
  • Into this surcharged atmosphere came Metternich with his exaggerated statements about the great reactionary party in France.

    The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte | William Milligan Sloane
  • He has no house; he has not the favor of the palace like Metternich; nor, like Villele, the protection of a compact majority.

    Z. Marcas | Honore de Balzac

British Dictionary definitions for Metternich


/ (German ˈmɛtərnɪç) /

  1. Klemens (ˈkleːməns). 1773–1859, Austrian statesman. He became foreign minister (1809) and made a significant contribution to the Congress of Vienna (1815). From 1821 to 1848 he was both foreign minister and chancellor of Austria and is noted for his defence of autocracy in Europe

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