[ met-uhr-nikh; English met-er-nik ]
/ ˈmɛt ər nɪx; English ˈmɛt ər nɪk /


Prince Kle·mens Wen·zel Ne·po·muk Lo·thar von [kley-mens ven-tsuh l ney-paw-moo k loh-tahr fuh n, loh-tahr] /ˈkleɪ mɛns ˈvɛn tsəl ˈneɪ pɔ mʊk ˈloʊ tɑr fən, loʊˈtɑr/,1773–1859, Austrian statesman and diplomat.


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Met·ter·nich·i·an, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

Example sentences from the Web for metternichs

  • Talleyrand at once sees Labrador and arranges the reply to Metternichs note.

    Talleyrand|Joseph McCabe
  • This castle afterwards became the family seat of the Metternichs.

British Dictionary definitions for metternichs

/ (German ˈmɛtərnɪç) /


Klemens (ˈkleːməns). 1773–1859, Austrian statesman. He became foreign minister (1809) and made a significant contribution to the Congress of Vienna (1815). From 1821 to 1848 he was both foreign minister and chancellor of Austria and is noted for his defence of autocracy in Europe
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