[ mahy-er ]


  1. Adolf, 1866–1950, U.S. psychiatrist, born in Switzerland.
  2. Albert (Gregory), 1903–65, U.S. Roman Catholic clergyman.
  3. Annie Florance Nathan, 1867–1951, U.S. writer and educator, a founder of Barnard College.
  4. Jul·ius Lo·thar [jool, -y, uh, s , loh, -thahr, yoo, -lee-, oo, s , loh, -tah, r, loh-, tahr], 1830–95, German chemist.
  5. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Still, Meyer suggested making it a habit to carefully take masks off in a “safe environment,” such as inside your home or car.

Planning that usually takes place over months now happens in just hours, according to Meyer.

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There also were reports of recent interest in Meyer by the Los Angeles Chargers.

Meyer’s hunch is that the mistletoes steal sugar from their host, along with water and minerals.

To countless chefs and owners, Meyer’s 2006 manifesto, “Setting the Table,” has become the bible on how to organize and operate restaurants.

For his tireless assault on evolutionary biology and downsizing the deity to fit within science, I give Meyer second place.

I was a part of this tour, debating Meyer in Richmond, Virginia in April.

Ibrahim made clear to Deputy Dennis Meyer that his daughter was a respectful and dutiful girl of Sudanese extraction.

“[The daughter] has always been a good kid and he has had no real problems with her,” Meyer later wrote in his report.

Kennedy disliked having girlfriends, preferring one-off conquests instead, but made an exception for Mary Meyer.

Meyer Isaacson said nothing; and, after a silence that was awkward, Nigel changed the conversation, and not long after went away.

Meyer Isaacson stood for a moment looking round, feeling the atmosphere of this room, or at least trying to feel it.

More coffee was made, fresh cigars lighted, and Bruder Meyer took out his violin and began to tune it softly.

I was indebted to the kindness of the Messrs. Behu and Meyer for a very interesting excursion into the jungle.

As Thurstane rode up to this diminutive line of battle, Meyer was shouting forth his sharp and decisive orders.





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