[ mich ]

verb (used without object),miched, mich·ing.British Dialect.
  1. to lurk out of sight.

Origin of miche

1175–1225; Middle English mychen, michen<Old French muchier to hide

Other words from miche

  • micher, noun

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How to use miche in a sentence

  • A miche is a loaf of fine manchet bread, of good quality; see Cotgrave.

  • When he went to bed at all it was only when the taverns and cafs along the "Boul-miche" closed before dawn.

    A Village of Vagabonds | F. Berkeley Smith
  • Amid the laughter, to which Pille-miche responded like an echo, Coupiau came down from his seat quite crestfallen.

    The Chouans | Honore de Balzac
  • The traveller kept silence until Pille-miche put the question again and enforced it with the butt end of his gun.

    The Chouans | Honore de Balzac
  • Suddenly he flung the horn to Pille-miche with a gesture of despair, and caught up a gun which was hidden in the straw.

    The Chouans | Honore de Balzac