[ mahy-kruh-kok-uh s ]
/ ˌmaɪ krəˈkɒk əs /

noun, plural mi·cro·coc·ci [mahy-kruh-kok-sahy, -see] /ˌmaɪ krəˈkɒk saɪ, -si/. Bacteriology.

any spherical bacterium of the genus Micrococcus, occurring in irregular masses, many species of which are pigmented and are saprophytic or parasitic.

Origin of micrococcus

< New Latin (1872); see micro-, coccus

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mi·cro·coc·cal, mi·cro·coc·cic [mahy-kruh-kok-sik] /ˌmaɪ krəˈkɒk sɪk/, adjective
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/ (ˌmaɪkrəʊˈkɒkəs) /

noun plural -cocci (-ˈkɒksaɪ)

any spherical Gram-positive bacterium of the genus Micrococcus : family Micrococcaceae
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[ mī′krō-kŏkəs ]

n. pl. mi•cro•coc•ci (-kŏksī′, -kŏkī′)

A bacterium of the genus Micrococcus.

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mi′cro•coccal (-kŏkəl) adj.

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A genus of aerobic, gram-positive, spherical bacteria that occur singly, in pairs, or in irregular masses and are saprophytic or parasitic but not pathogenic.
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