[ mahy-kroh-i-lek-troh-fuh-ree-sis ]
/ ˌmaɪ kroʊ ɪˌlɛk troʊ fəˈri sɪs /

noun Chemistry.

any of several techniques for observing, by means of a microscope or an ultramicroscope, the electrophoresis of minute surface particles.

Origin of microelectrophoresis

First recorded in 1955–60; micro- + electrophoresis

OTHER WORDS FROM microelectrophoresis

mi·cro·e·lec·tro·pho·ret·ic [mahy-kroh-i-lek-troh-fuh-ret-ik] /ˌmaɪ kroʊ ɪˌlɛk troʊ fəˈrɛt ɪk/, adjective
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