micrometer screw

  1. a screw with a fine thread of definite pitch, such as that of a micrometer gauge

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How to use micrometer screw in a sentence

  • Rotate the head of the micrometer screw until the movable line has transversed one division of the stage micrometer.

  • The measurement depends on the accuracy of the micrometer screw, which is cut and corrected with great care.

  • The top carriage can be moved by hand and accurately set by means of a micrometer screw.

  • The swivel C is bored out so that the axis of the micrometer screw will be parallel to the body of the holder when it is in place.

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  • The jaw end is counterbored out with a 45-degree counterbore to form a bearing for the forward end of the micrometer screw.

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