Also mi·cro·pi·a [mahy-kroh-pee-uh] /maɪˈkroʊ pi ə/, mi·crop·sy [mahy-krop-see] /ˈmaɪ krɒp si/.
Compare macropsia.

Origin of micropsia

1895–1900; micr- + -opsia
Related formsmi·crop·tic [mahy-krop-tik] /maɪˈkrɒp tɪk/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for micropsia


  1. a defect of vision in which objects appear to be smaller than they appear to a person with normal vision
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micropsia in Medicine


  1. A visual disorder in which objects appear much smaller than they actually are, possibly caused by a retinal disorder but often associated with hallucination or an unconscious attempt to shrink the world to a less threatening size.
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