[ mid-lev-uhl ]


  1. occurring at or having a middle or intermediate position or status:

    mid-level management.

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Example Sentences

Instead we must decimate the mid-level leadership ISIS relies on.

Yet monthly salaries for teachers, police officers, and other mid-level jobs are often half that amount.

Although to some, like Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff, it was the mid-level guys who committed evil acts and knew it.

Mid-level State Department officials have visited to reassure the government that the U.S. government stands beside them.

A mid-level yakuza member, A. Kobayashi, left his organization in 2013.

He even dared dream of passing Allen upon some mid-level and winning to the highest place in Helen Chambers's regard.

It is necessary only on a mid-level of religion, and has really been far more of the nature of a symbol than of a fact.

They stand, leaning on their long spears and grasping their shields, in mid level of the camp.





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