middle C

  1. the note indicated by the first leger line above the bass staff and the first below the treble staff.

Origin of middle C

First recorded in 1830–40

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How to use middle C in a sentence

  • middle C, on the piano, for instance, is made by waves that reach us at the rate of about 256 per second.

    Spirit and Music | H. Ernest Hunt
  • The note called middle C is considered by physicists as having 256 vibrations a second.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • At middle C—the middle of the range of a piano—there was a momentary spurt of extra volume.

    Operation: Outer Space | William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • The wire, which suspended a weight of twenty-eight pounds, was of the size of the middle C-string of a piano.

  • At the first lesson the scale of C major should be played, from middle C to high C, ascending only.

    Music As A Language | Ethel Home

British Dictionary definitions for middle C

middle C

  1. music the note graphically represented on the first ledger line below the treble staff or the first ledger line above the bass staff and corresponding in pitch to an internationally standardized fundamental frequency of 261.63 hertz

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