[ mid-l-in-kuhm ]


  1. of or relating to those with an average income within the overall population.

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Example Sentences

In the process, the Democrats have become more diverse, but also less tied to middle-income voters.

More than 75 percent of these occur in low or middle-income countries, and India had one of the highest rates globally in 2012.

The president hit working and lower middle income America hardest.

Yet, until these strategies are routine, low- and middle-income workers will continue to struggle with work-life conflicts.

Thus far, the price tag for cars like the Model S has kept many middle-income buyers out of the EV market.

My family was middle income who spent rather more money on education and good medical care than most people in our income.

This continuing tax cut will primarily benefit lower- and middle-income taxpayers.

Our proposal would target assistance to low- and middle-income families.

For hard-pressed middle-income families, we should also expand the child care tax credit.

Tonight, I propose new tax incentives to allow low- and middle-income citizens to get that deduction.





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