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[ mid-ship-muhn, mid-ship- ]


, plural mid·ship·men.
  1. a student, as at the U.S. Naval Academy, in training for commission as ensign in the Navy or second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Compare cadet ( def 2 ).
  2. British Navy.
    1. an officer of the rank held by young men immediately upon graduating from the government naval schools.
    2. (initial capital letter) the title and rank of such a graduate.
    3. (formerly) one of a class of boys or young men who formed the group from which officers were chosen.
  3. Also called singingfish. any toadfish of the genus Porichthys, having many small luminous organs on the underside and producing a buzzing sound with its air bladder.


/ ˈmɪdˌʃɪpmən /


  1. a probationary rank held by young naval officers under training, or an officer holding such a rank
  2. any of several American toadfishes of the genus Porichthys, having small light-producing organs on the undersurface of their bodies

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Word History and Origins

Origin of midshipman1

First recorded in 1620–30; midship + -man

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Example Sentences

The midshipmen who were moved off campus this week will live in hotel rooms with a roommate, Erickson said.

Buck, appearing at a House Appropriations subcommittee meeting this week, told federal lawmakers he hopes to have midshipmen vaccinated “in the near future” so they can safely participate in summer training, which starts in May.

Midshipmen fall under the second phase of the Maryland’s vaccination plan, and have yet to receive their doses, the Capital Gazette reported.

Home games at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium featured no fans, then the midshipmen were allowed and then they weren’t.

Games at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium have been limited to midshipmen, so no parents have been able to attend.

No midshipman will ever be disenrolled for reporting an incident of sexual harassment or assault against them.

As a 17-year-old midshipman, I envied your audacious style, senator.

Midshipman Charles Morris was the first to reach the deck, with Decatur close behind.

On the Essex with him was a fine little midshipman, only eleven years old, who had been brought up in the Porter family.

I had thought of giving you another midshipman, but I think it would be better that you should take a surgeon.

The hero of this story accompanies Cochrane as midshipman, and serves in the war between Chili and Peru.

Finally he made each midshipman write in bold characters, "Mais, que je suis sot," and sign this humiliating confession.


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