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[ mift ]


  1. put into an irritable mood, especially by an offending incident:

    I was miffed when they didn't invite me to the party.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of miffed1

First recorded in 1815–25; miff + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Some thumbnail-sized, brown male spiders in Georgia could be miffed if they paid the least attention to humans and our news obsessions.

They sometimes get a little miffed at the computer science community for thinking that “Oh, this is a brand-new idea.”

He seems miffed that Liv Ullmann would go off and do a musical when he was thinking of putting her, accent and all, in his movie.

He seemed miffed, after the game, to be adjudged the best player of the tournament.

I am miffed that Open Zion will not be around for me to mock what comes of the Kerry-helmed peace talks.

Poland, for example, was miffed by the abrupt cancellation of a U.S. anti-missile program.

Gingrich miffed the media with her affection for Tiffany jewelry.

"I just wish she were," I agreed dolefully; and if Nora didn't get miffed because we said that!

The gardener was miffed by this left-handed compliment, but he did not venture to resent the impeachment.

“No-o,” slowly drawled Rube, apparently “miffed” at being thus interrupted.

Mammy Susan is still miffed with me for going, and I feel awfully bad about it.

Perhaps Mrs. Temple was a little miffed at the couple that had led her astray and opened her own honeymoon with a wanton fib.


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