or mik·veh

[Sephardic Hebrew mee-kvah; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English mik-vuh]

noun, plural mik·voth, mik·vot, mik·vos [Sephardic Hebrew mee-kvawt; Ashkenazic Hebrew mik-vohs;] /Sephardic Hebrew miˈkvɔt; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈmɪk voʊs;/ English mik·vahs [mik-vuh z] /ˈmɪk vəz/ Hebrew.

a ritual bath to which Orthodox Jews are traditionally required to go on certain occasions, as before the Sabbath and after each menstrual period, to cleanse and purify themselves.

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Judaism a pool used esp by women for ritual purification after their monthly period

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from Hebrew

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