[ mil-ferd ]


  1. a city in S Connecticut, on Long Island Sound.
  2. a city in central Massachusetts.
  3. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Milford Borough Mayor Sean Strub, who did not attend the press conference, is among the LGBTQ leaders who have endorsed the Shapiro-Davis ticket.

Soon thereafter, Bentivolio was asked to play Santa in downtown Milford and became a professional.

But I never expected the volume of stains that showed up at the River Rock Inn in Milford, Penn.

Milford and Gauvain are the authors of the forthcoming How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy: Is He the One or Should You Run?

Such information could have helped the mother of Milford, Massachusetts.

The Milford, which was the name of the British ship, kept firing at the Providence, but all her shot plunged into the waves.

"Madam, I wish I knew how to thank you," said Milford, as he opened the gate leading into the main road.

She put on her bonnet, and as she stepped out told the Irish girl to take Milford's bag upstairs.

One Sunday, with her vacant-eyed husband and her red tormentor, she halted at Milford's cottage.

"A sappy pea-vine and a dried pea-stick," said Milford, pointing toward George and his wife.





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