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military government


  1. a government in defeated territory administered by the military commander of a conquering nation.

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After learning that the military government had staffed the Myanmar Olympic Committee to form an Olympic squad, Win Htet Oo announced his withdrawal from the Olympics on April 10—to preemptively avoid being associated with the military.

From Time

In 1983, a military government made abortion legal up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

This brings us back to Israel's support for Egypt's new military government and its ostensible link to the peace process.

The point of this Nazi-like system was to weaken the opponents of the military government.

But they were ordered to leave by the military government after archaeological remains were found.

Only 53 percent reject out of hand the possibility of a military government taking power.

In the interior they established a fairly well-organized military government.

The Military Government had no time to waste on those who stepped out of line, they had no mercy to spare.

The Johnson provisional government was a military government with the President as the source of authority.

Pending the decision of the Alabama question by Congress, Meade carried on the military government as usual.

The ideal man for a military government, his is an Iron Fist; but if the fist were of softer stuff, all Belgium would be in chaos.


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