Mill Valley


  1. a town in W California, NW of San Francisco.

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Example Sentences

To get to the inn, you’ll hike or bike two miles from Mount Tamalpais State Park, near the town of Mill Valley, on a path once used by a historic scenic railway.

One of them is Pizzahacker in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco.

From Fortune

The Mill Valley Market has grown and offers a deluxe delicatessen.

This was the one-room studio in Mill Valley, California near The Depot.

"I was over in Mill Valley last night," Dave began confusedly.

The early Teuton in him died the night of the Mill Valley fight with the bear.

From Mill Valley the climb is a steep one, passing the picturesque ruins of an old mill erected in 1843.

His bravery is never questioned by those of his friends who are aware of the Mill Valley episode.

Mill Valley was not more than an hour's ride from the ferry.