US millimeter

/ (ˈmɪlɪˌmiːtə) /

  1. one thousandth of a metre: Symbol: mm

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How to use millimetre in a sentence

  • Each globule of our blood is a world (and we have five millions per cubic millimetre).

    Urania | Camille Flammarion
  • The experiments made in beating gold-leaf show that ten thousand leaves are contained in the thickness of a millimetre.

    Urania | Camille Flammarion
  • It is white, cylindrical, straight and about four millimetres long by one millimetre thick.

    More Hunting Wasps | J. Henri Fabre
  • It is a tiny, dull-white cylinder, about three millimetres long by half a millimetre wide.

    More Hunting Wasps | J. Henri Fabre
  • The sting, by straying less than a millimetre, would leave the Scolia without progeny.

    More Hunting Wasps | J. Henri Fabre