[ mil-ing-tuhn ]


  1. a town in SW Tennessee.

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Example Sentences

In return, the office dropped two charges of aggravated reckless driving against Millington and recommended no jail time or period of probation.

Millington was fined $100 and ordered to pay $250 into a crime victims compensation fund.

Millington’s car traveled for about five seconds, crossing three speed bumps and reaching a speed of 49 mph before she lost control of the vehicle and it collided with Khan’s speeding cruiser, Levine said.

Since the incident April 22, Millington has remained on the force but is not allowed contact with the public pending the outcome of an internal investigation, police said.

Millington, Khan and the two officers in the passenger seats were treated at a medical clinic for minor injuries.

Two months elapsed ere Millington deigned to notice my letter.

Millington (from the time he sold Dr. Anneslys library) expressed a particular friendship to me.

It has two receipts by persons whose names are among the bidders for money received from Millington for various books.

Pavier who had received them "by assignment" from the original publisher of the editions of 1594 and 1595,—Thomas Millington.

At this, as was most natural, Miss Millington's ice melted in a sudden and uncontrollable blaze of indignation.





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