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[ mahynd-lis ]


  1. without intelligence; senseless:

    a mindless creature.

  2. unmindful or heedless:

    mindless of all dangers.


/ ˈmaɪndlɪs /


  1. stupid or careless
  2. requiring little or no intellectual effort

    a mindless task

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Derived Forms

  • ˈmindlessly, adverb
  • ˈmindlessness, noun

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Other Words From

  • mindless·ly adverb
  • mindless·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mindless1

before 1000; Middle English myndles, Old English gemyndlēas. See mind, -less

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Example Sentences

It’s something to do that's not necessarily mindless, but you can zone out a little bit.

Running this mindless machine isn’t a practical way to solve the conjecture, because we can’t know if it will ever halt until it does.

This is definitely an action game, and a big, rather mindless one at that.

That’s right, I swore off the mindless junk from social media.

From Fortune

When duration, engagement and viewability replace mindless clicks, substantive and contextually relevant content becomes more valuable than repurposed cat photos and fake news.

From Digiday

It was like a constant assault, an almost stupefying catalogue of mindless racial insult and injury.

Day by day, it drives people to distraction by diverting energy to mindless legal compliance.

“For all the victims of the mindless wars, in every age, humanity needs to weep,” he said.

And it certainly should not be mindless, pointless growth for its own sake.

Its civility has been crushed; its fragile peace has been blown apart by the mindless toxicity of a summer of violence.

Shall this mindless wretch enjoy in his sleep a jewelled gaud while his poor old grandfather is thirsty?

The crowd was slowly changing into a mob, a mindless mob as yet, but capable of turning on him at any moment.

Can it be that this intelligible world, readable by mind, is itself essentially mindless?

Yet we urge it on, mindless and infatuate, and plant the ill-ominous thing in our hallowed citadel.

Here my comrades abandoned me in the Cyclops' vast cave, mindless of me while they hurry away from the barbarous gates.





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