1. In the diet, certain substances necessary for the maintenance of life and good health. Some are essential components of bodily substances, such as the calcium in bones and the iron in hemoglobin , whereas others help regulate the activities of metabolism . ( See under “Earth Sciences.” )

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Example Sentences

These guys are full parasites, taking sugar, water, and minerals from the tree.

The raw materials— tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold—were dubbed “conflict minerals.”

Many prominent Congolese groups support the congressional law and further conflict-minerals reforms.

Many prominent Congolese human-rights activists consider minerals to be at the heart of the perpetration of atrocities.

Then, he set to work building a shortcut that would take the minable minerals he found through the mountain.

I found there, however, a piece of unmistakable chrysotile, grouped amongst a miscellaneous lot of American minerals.

In addition to asbestos, it is worthy of note that the whole of the Thetford district is rich in minerals.

With the exception of quartz and augite, these names are, however, representatives of different classes of minerals.

It is obvious that soils produced by the disintegration of these minerals must differ materially in quality.

Moreover, the exact composition of the minerals of which the great masses of rocks are composed is liable to some variety.





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