[ min-yuh n ]
/ ˈmɪn yən /


a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.
a favored or highly regarded person.
a minor official.
Printing. a 7-point type.


dainty; elegant; trim; pretty.

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Origin of minion

1490–1500; < Middle French mignon, for Old French mignot dainty < ?

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/ (ˈmɪnjən) /


a favourite or dependant, esp a servile or fawning one
a servile agentthe minister's minions
a size of printer's type, approximately equal to 7 point


dainty, pretty, or elegant

Word Origin for minion

C16: from French mignon, from Old French mignot, of Gaulish origin

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Word Origin and History for minion



c.1500, "a favorite; a darling; a low dependant; one who pleases rather than benefits" [Johnson], from Middle French mignon "a favorite, darling" (n.), also a term of (probably homosexual) abuse;" as an adjective, "dainty, pleasing, favorite," from Old French mignot "pretty, attractive, dainty, gracious, affectionate," perhaps of Celtic origin (cf. Old Irish min "tender, soft"), or from Old High German minnja, minna "love, memory" (see mind (n.)). Used 16c.-17c. without disparaging overtones.

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