or min·ny

[ min-ee ]

nounScots and North England Informal.
  1. mother; mom.

Origin of minnie

First recorded in 1600–10; origin uncertain; perhaps a pet name variant of mither

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[ min-ee ]

  1. a female given name, form of Mary.

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How to use minnie in a sentence

  • minnie Pearl Thomas was arrested in another raid and remanded.

  • “I hope Jacko will never see any body shave,” said minnie, in a faltering voice.

    Minnie's Pet Monkey | Madeline Leslie
  • At one time he came to visit minnie; and fine fun indeed they had with the pets, the monkey being his especial favorite.

    Minnie's Pet Monkey | Madeline Leslie
  • minnie looked very grave after hearing this story, and presently said, “I wonder how old that monkey was.”

    Minnie's Pet Monkey | Madeline Leslie
  • I saw the man at the menagerie giving them apples,” said minnie; “but he did not give them any meat all the time I was there.

    Minnie's Pet Monkey | Madeline Leslie
  • They noticed that he watched every movement closely, and that, if minnie left the room, he seemed uneasy till she returned.

    Minnie's Pet Dog | Madeline Leslie