minor scale

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  1. Also called harmonic minor scale. a scale having half steps between the second and third, fifth and sixth, and seventh and eighth degrees, with whole steps for the other intervals.

  2. Also called melodic minor scale. a scale having the third degree lowered a half step when ascending, and the seventh, sixth, and third degrees lowered a half step when descending.

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Origin of minor scale

First recorded in 1885–90

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How to use minor scale in a sentence

  • This, on a minor scale, is an example of the great principle of infantry and artillery co-operation.

    Servants of the Guns | Jeffery E. Jeffery
  • A similar disturbance on a minor scale took place at Yarmouth at about the same date.

    Norfolk Annals | Charles Mackie
  • The Greeks had their keynote in the middle of the scale, and used chiefly the minor scale of our music.

    The Chautauquan, Vol. III, December 1882 | The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
  • It is based, though not exclusively, on a peculiar scale, the harmonic minor scale with an augmented fourth.

    Franz Liszt | James Huneker
  • The Dorian was in a minor scale, and was considered to be manly and vigorous.

    Callias | Alfred John Church