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[Sephardic Hebrew meen-yahn; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English min-yuh n]
noun, plural min·yan·im [Sephardic Hebrew meen-yah-neem; Ashkenazic Hebrew min-yaw-nim] /Sephardic Hebrew min yɑˈnim; Ashkenazic Hebrew mɪnˈyɔ nɪm/, English min·yans. Hebrew.
  1. the number of persons required by Jewish law to be present to conduct a communal religious service, traditionally a minimum of 10 Jewish males over 13 years of age.
  2. such a group.
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Origin of minyan

minyān literally, number
Can be confusedminion minyan


[min-yuh n]Classical Mythology
  1. descended from Minyas.
  2. being or pertaining to a gray, wheel-thrown pottery produced in ancient Greece during the early part of the Helladic period, c2000 b.c.
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  1. Minyans. Also Min·yae [min-yee] /ˈmɪn yi/. the descendants of Minyas who inhabited Orchomenus in Boeotia and Iolcus in Thessaly.
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Historical Examples

  • There was scarcely a Minyan present at the evening services in the Shul.

    Simon Eichelkatz; The Patriarch

    Ulrich Frank

  • He was buried with full Jewish rites, a "Minyan" from the battalion attending.

    With the Judans in the Palestine Campaign

    J. H. (John Henry) Patterson

  • Date uncertain, but in Boeotia evidence that it ended before rise of 'Minyan' ware.

  • Then he left his home and fled from horse-rearing Argos and came to Minyan Orchomenus.

  • "The Minyan is there," and Mattes pointed his finger at the thatched roofs shining in the sunset.

British Dictionary definitions for minyan


noun plural minyanim (minjaˈnim) or minyans
  1. the number of persons required by Jewish law to be present for a religious service, namely, at least ten males over thirteen years of age
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Word Origin

literally: number
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