or my·o·sis

[ mahy-oh-sis ]
/ maɪˈoʊ sɪs /

noun, plural mi·o·ses [mahy-oh-seez] /maɪˈoʊ siz/. Medicine/Medical.

excessive constriction of the pupil of the eye, as a result of drugs, disease, or the like.

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Compare mydriasis.

Origin of miosis

1810–20; variant of myosis < Greek mý(ein) to shut (the eyes) + -ōsis -osis

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British Dictionary definitions for miosis



/ (maɪˈəʊsɪs) /

noun plural -ses (-siːz)

excessive contraction of the pupil of the eye, as in response to drugs
a variant spelling of meiosis (def. 1)
Derived Formsmiotic or myotic (maɪˈɒtɪk), adjective, noun

Word Origin for miosis

C20: from Greek muein to shut the eyes + -osis

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Word Origin and History for miosis



1819, from Greek myein "to shut (the eyes)" + -osis. Greek myein is perhaps originally "to close the lips," from PIE *meue- "to be silent" (see mute (adj.)). Related: Miotic.

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Medicine definitions for miosis


n. pl. mi•o••ses (-sēz)

The period of decline of a disease in which the intensity of the symptoms begins to diminish.
Constriction of the pupil of the eye, resulting from a normal response to an increase in light or caused by certain drugs or pathological conditions.

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