Astronomy. the first long-period pulsating variable star to be discovered, with a period averaging 331 days. It is a red giant and a component of a binary star in the constellation Cetus.
a female given name.

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  • Janice had never seen him moved in this way before and even Aunt 'Mira looked startled.

    The Mission of Janice Day

    Helen Beecher Long

  • He indeed objected, that I made Mira's pen like a quill in one of the lines, and like a dart in the other.

    Isaac Bickerstaff

    Richard Steele

  • "Longer'n that, child—much longer'n that," admitted Aunt 'Mira, shamefacedly.

    Janice Day

    Helen Beecher Long

  • The statue listened motionless; suddenly it opened and Mira disappeared inside of it.

  • Before Aunt 'Mira and Marty were up, the pump was working in fine style.

    Janice Day

    Helen Beecher Long