[ mahy-ruh ]


  1. Astronomy. the first long-period pulsating variable star to be discovered, with a period averaging 331 days. It is a red giant and a component of a binary star in the constellation Cetus.
  2. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

Gas there heats and mixes with the wind of the cooler hydrogen gas blowing off Mira, and then flows to the star’s rear, forming a wake.

In an image from 2006, Mira is heading to the right, at 291,000 miles an hour, five times the speed our sun ambles through its local interstellar cloud in the Milky Way.

Chastain isn’t quite as consistent, but her sporadic stiltedness underscores how Mira is always performing her self-sufficiency and competence.

From Time

We see that the house where the central characters, Jonathan and Mira, live, and where the vast majority of the action takes place, is on a soundstage.

From Time

The researchers have formed a team called Mira, made up of some visually impaired volunteers.

The Arranged Marriage that Ended Happily Ever After Mira Jacob, Vogue How my parents fell in love, 30 years later.

Mira and Emmanuel Riva have been converted, because they were civil servants, into Mossad agents.

Holding hands, they thought about what to do about their life on the front line, on Mira Street in the town of Amvrosyevka.

I ask Mira for a beer and find the tavern only stocks the Slovenian brews Union and Laško.

(The choppy, inert 2000 TV movie with Toby Stephens, Mira Sorvino and Paul Rudd barely registered a blip).

The room was empty when we entered, but the Mira appeared almost immediately, and seated us beside him on the dais at the end.

Que a demandarte compasin se atreve, Y blandamente palpitar te mira.

Ah nu &c.: De singulis beatorum Ordinibus mira disseris, quaesumus ut quae sit eorum in communi actio edicas, V 209 d.

What is the objection made, for instance, to 'in quibus sunt mira, quæ non videntur esse Apostolica'?

In ipsa acie Marius duas Camertium cohortes, mira virtute vim Cimbrorum sustinentes contra legem civitate donaverat.