[ mir-uh-mahr ]


  1. a town in SE Florida.

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Example Sentences

Miramar landfill was the closest eyebrow-raiser, emitting a maximum detected amount of 1,564 kilograms of methane per hour.

Industries emitting high levels of toxins are scattered throughout the region in areas like Miramar, Allied Gardens, Otay Mesa and Santee.

The nonprofit became the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank after philanthropists Irwin Jacobs and Steve Cushman paid off the mortgage for the nonprofit’s Miramar warehouse.

More than half came from City Council Districts 3, 7 and 9, which include areas like North Park, Hillcrest, Miramar, Linda Vista, Mission Valley and City Heights.

You also can’t independently drop off your food waste to Miramar.

Miramar Beach, Florida:  Chilean students on school break killed in Florida.

Miramar is a suburb of Santa Barbara, as is Montecito, another charming foothill site for country homes.

From the Concha we could see the white walls of the royal Villa Miramar.

Nobody knew what happened in the course of the interview and the subsequent private luncheon at the Miramar Palace.

With a cheer, Roddy spun the wheel, and swung the bow of the launch toward Miramar.

They had assembled, he supposed, to learn the result of his visit to Miramar, but they were concerned with news more important.