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[ mahyuhrd ]


  1. trapped in mud, muck, or slime:

    The concern now was how to free their mired fire engine and water tanker.

  2. entangled or stuck:

    Bond yields have been climbing, but they still remain mired at historically low levels.

  3. soiled with mud, muck, or slime:

    He looked down at his mired kaftan, speckled with dirt, and tried to brush it clean.

  4. involved or entrapped in trouble or difficulty:

    Only some of our colleagues have offended, it is true; but all of us are mired.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of mire ( def ).

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  • un·mired adjective

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Example Sentences

NFTs have become an unavoidable subject for anyone earning a living as a creative person online, prompting a rush to understand a concept that is deeply mired in the jargon of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Instead, they became mired in an old script of taxation, driven partly by a legitimate desire to be fiscally prudent and more than partly by a moralism that those with more aren’t paying enough and that inequality is a societal ill.

From Time

That I will become mired in helplessness and despair in a way that nothing—not the happy marriage and comfortable home of my current life nor the years of therapy I’ve absorbed—will be able to counteract.

Mired in ideological warfare, America faces her most formidable opponent yet— herself.

On some issues, Puck was so mired in its own times that the commentary is redundant.

For days, New York Times columnist Alessandra Stanley has been mired in controversy.

But his asylum was rejected, thanks to the blurring of lines that intelligence assets are often mired in.

But, as 2014 rolled around, Detroit was mired in an unprecedented citywide bankruptcy.

But oh, the thousands and thousands of mere mortals that are mired in their ruts and no longer even plan to climb out!

Its bed was so muddy that two of the pack-horses were mired, but were finally brought out.

The boy's mount had mired one foot in a quicksand pocket and had gone down on its knees.

His huge paws supported him where another dog would have been hopelessly mired.

Had some of our horses mired—general complaint of like nature.