[ mis-uh n-throhp, miz- ]
/ ˈmɪs ənˌθroʊp, ˈmɪz- /


a hater of humankind.


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Also mis·an·thro·pist [mis-an-thruh-pist, miz‐] /mɪsˈæn θrə pɪst, mɪz‐/.

Origin of misanthrope

1555–65; noun use of Greek mīsánthrōpos hating humankind, misanthropic. See mis-2, anthropo-
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British Dictionary definitions for misanthropist


misanthropist (mɪˈzænθrəpɪst)

/ (ˈmɪzənˌθrəʊp) /


a person who dislikes or distrusts other people or mankind in general

Derived forms of misanthrope

misanthropic (ˌmɪzənˈθrɒpɪk) or misanthropical, adjectivemisanthropically, adverbmisanthropy (mɪˈzænθrəpɪ), noun

Word Origin for misanthrope

C17: from Greek mīsanthrōpos, from misos hatred + anthrōpos man
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